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Case Study: HDPE from local plumbing distributor.

Local plumbing distributor required solutions for their HDPE pipes. Overall, plumbing companies with HDPE Pipes accomplished redirecting these pipes to the landfill and saving space for their current projects and Reclaim Plastics was able to perform to what was expected, achieving circular economy and providing sustainability and waste solutions.

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Case Study: The Pervasive Problem of Ghost Gear

Ghost gear, abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing nets, poses a significant threat to marine life and ecosystems. Reclaim Plastics is committed to providing innovative solutions to plastic waste challenges. By recycling fishing net and similar ghost gear, we are not only reducing pollution but also giving new life to this discarded material, demonstrating that waste is not waste at all.

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Why is Product Destruction Important?

Product destruction refers to the complete destruction of a commodity that is either expired, damaged, or deemed otherwise unsellable, as well as the secure disposal of confidential or sensitive materials to protect a company’s brand and prevent any potential liability. In Reclaim Plastics, we exist to create a customized solution for recycling and product destruction services that is secure, confidential, and report feedback and assure and certify your product is not just destructed but also, recycled in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

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Case Study: Craftsman Collision

Craftsman Collision has proudly recycled over 258,000 lbs of plastic automotive parts and demonstrated leadership in their industry.  These plastic parts would fill the equivalent of 14 NHL sized rinks.

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“As an industry, we have a large problem with plastic waste and Reclaim Plastics has provided a great solution. They’ve come up with a program that works around our unique needs and have helped us divert over 70,000 lbs or plastic a year from our landfills. Very happy with their service.”

Shant Mensurian

Manager, Craftsman Collision

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