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At Reclaim Plastics, we help you do your part by recycling your plastic car parts.

Our Mission

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Our History

Our Values

Our Mission

As an automotive plastic recycling facility, we offer convenient, reliable, and affordable pick-up services spanning across all of BC. With our industry-leading technologies and infrastructure, we are always looking to tackle new recycling challenges – and to turn your post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics into new products in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

Our History

Reclaim Plastics started business in 2018 following the shake to the global recycling industry resulting from China’s recycling policy change. Since then, Reclaim has been providing B.C. industries with an efficient and local recycling solution while pushing innovation in recycling technology and processes.

Our Values

At Reclaim Plastics, we not only process your material, but also create entirely new products with the recycled input – such as plastic piping, landscape edging, or even new car parts. We fully support the idea of a circular economy and a more sustainable province for all.

Affiliations & Governance

We proudly support and stand with other organizations that champion moving towards a more sustainable future.

“Auto bodies and parts such as bumpers can be recycled. It is important to separate these materials from garbage.” – Paul Henderson, Solid Waste Services, Metro Vancouver.

Metro Vancouver Disposal Ban

Auto parts and bodies have been classified under Banned Hazardous and Operational Impact Materials under Metro Vancouver’s Tipping Fee Bylaw and Disposal Ban Program for a number of years. These bans are enforced and Metro Vancouver and City of Vancouver disposal facilities.

We’re proud that our city has taken the next step in banning automotive plastics from landfills, allowing these plastics to be recycled back into the community. We are always looking to partner with businesses, organizations, and municipalities across the province to ensure a more sustainable B.C.

Official Partner of Recycling Council of B.C.

Established in 1974, the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) is Canada’s longest-serving recycling council. As a registered charitable organization, they facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge that enable efficient solutions to eliminate waste.

As an official member of the RCBC, we have proven that the environment is our priority and our business operates with sustainability in mind. Similar to the RCBC, we work towards eliminating waste in B.C. and setting the ground work for a “zero-waste” province, with recycled automotive plastics being reintroduced into the circular economy.

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Reclaiming our environment by Reclaiming the plastic waste we produce.

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