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Our Mission

Reclaim Plastics exists to help businesses become sustainability leaders in their field with our customized recycling solutions.

We divert waste from landfills by turning plastic waste generated by businesses (i.e. post-industrial plastics) into new products in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. We’re always looking to tackle new recycling challenges.


As an industrial plastics recycling facility, we offer convenient, reliable, and affordable pick-up services spanning across B.C.

We not only process your material, but also work with our partners to create entirely new products with the recycled input – such as plastic piping, landscape edging, commercial containers, or even new car parts. We believe finding circular solutions will lead to a more sustainable planet.

Our Values

Meet the Team

Reclaim Plastics Burnaby team photo
Reclaim Plastics Burnaby team photo action shot
Reclaim Plastics team - Alim Boflo

Al Boflo
CPA CA, Co-founder

Al is proud to be part of the circular economy and help re-position plastic waste into a renewable resource. Al obtained his undergraduate degree at the Ivey School of Business and completed grad studies at the University of Saskatchewan. He was part of the corporate advisory group at PwC, and also worked in finance and operations for Intrawest and the Jim Pattison Group. He loves adventure travel and his most memorable trip was to Central Asia (the "stan" tour). Al and his spouse reside in Burnaby.

Reclaim Plastics team - Bash Jamal

Bash Jamal
P.Eng, Co-founder

Bash has had a number of business and professional pursuits, prior to co-founding Reclaim Plastics. An electrical engineer by training, Bash prides himself on using both logic and creative approaches to solve problems. He has lived on three continents and, while working for Fluor Canada, was responsible for construction and commissioning at large-scale mining sites in Latin America. Bash loves spicy food, and speaks three languages. He is the proud father of two young daughters and lives with his family in Burnaby.

Reclaim Plastics team - Freya Obersat

Freya Obersat-Rose

Freya is a materials engineer by trade and is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to solve complex issues in the field. She completed her studies in materials engineering at the University of British Columbia, where she also led the Materials Subteam of the Formula UBC racing team. In her spare time, she enjoys doing hands-on activities like making pottery and refinishing pieces of furniture. Freya is a proud mother to two rabbits and lives with her partner in Surrey.

Reclaim Plastics team - Chris Coronado

Cris Coronado
CSCP, General Manager

Cris is a detail-oriented professional who is well-versed in business management, procurement, production, inventory, logistics and six sigma-lean manufacturing. Originally from Colombia, Cris played a prominent role in managing a family business back home. Since moving to Vancouver in 2015, he is a dedicated and active volunteer in his church. He is also a fitness buff, and loves running and soccer (FC Barcelona is his team!).

Reclaim Plastics team - Walter Stefanicki

Walter Stefanicki
Recycling Operations

Walter is originally from Poland and has called Vancouver home for over 41 years. Walter has a spectacular (near-photographic) memory, probably in part due to his original training in law during his masters studies. Walter resides in Burnaby with his wife and is the proud father of two grown children. He is an adventurous spirit and was one of the first to bring windsurfing to Vancouver’s shores in the early 80s.

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Awards and Recognition

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2021 CleanBC Plastics Action Fund

Recognizing our work in developing sustainable recycling solutions for plastic auto parts, such as automotive bumper covers, headlights, and trim parts, Reclaim Plastics was a recipient of the 2021 CleanBC Plastics Action Fund. This has allowed us to develop solutions for various difficult-to-recycle automotive and industrial plastics.

2021 Burnaby Environmental Stewardship Award

As the recipient of the City of Burnaby’s 2021 Environmental Awards under the category of Business Stewardship, we are committed to providing local, sustainable recycling services to companies across B.C., to better our environment and our green economy.

2021 Burnaby Environment Stewardship
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Affiliations and Governance

We proudly support and stand with other organizations that champion moving towards a more sustainable future.

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Metro Vancouver Disposal Ban

Auto parts and bodies have been classified under Banned Hazardous and Operational Impact Materials under Metro Vancouver’s Tipping Fee Bylaw and Disposal Ban Program for a number of years. These bans are enforced and Metro Vancouver and City of Vancouver disposal facilities.

We’re proud that our city has taken the next step in banning automotive plastics from landfills, allowing these plastics to be recycled back into the community. We are always looking to partner with businesses, organizations, and municipalities across the province to ensure a more sustainable B.C.

“Auto bodies and parts such as bumpers can be recycled. It is important to separate these materials from garbage.”

– Paul Henderson, Solid Waste Services, Metro Vancouver.

RCBC Member Logo

Proud Member of Recycling Council of BC

Established in 1974, the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) is Canada’s longest-serving recycling council. As a registered charitable organization, they facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge that enable efficient solutions to eliminate waste.

COAST Waste Management Association logo

Proud Member of Coast Waste Management Association

Coast Waste Management Association is a highly-regarded membership association serving the solid waste industry in British Columbia.

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A Great Solution!

“As an industry, we have a large problem with plastic waste and Reclaim Plastics has provided a great solution. They’ve come up with a program that works around our unique needs and have helped us divert over 70,000 lbs of plastic a year from our landfills. Very happy with their service.”

Shant Mensurian

Manager, Craftsman Collision

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