Case Study: HDPE Sheets from a local containment company

The Problem: 

A local Containment Facility had more 100 HDPE sheets that are were not being used and were stored outside. Taking up space and being in the way, the company wished to throw it away. However, in a effort to commit to sustainability, and play a lead in the circular economy, the General Manager of the containment facility contacted Reclaim Plastics to provide them a customized solution.

The Solution:

The first step in the recycling process is the logistics of HDPE sheets. The material was transported to Reclaim Plastics’ facility to facilitate the process. Afterwards, the material was then tested in our in-house laboratory, using FTIR spectroscopy technology. Once we confirmed the polymer and its properties, the third step was washing and shredding of the material. The material is washed thoroughly to remove any contaminants, such as dirt, labels, or adhesive residues. The HDPE sheets are shredded into smaller pieces and size-reduced to prepare for extrusion.

The Outcome:

Reclaim Plastics help encourage a local company to recycle their HDPE sheet waste and contribute to sustainability. The collaboration between Reclaim Plastics and the client encouraged that we are able successfully have a sustainable solution for this HDPE material and demonstrate that it is possible to collaborate with other similar industrial organizations and divert these kinds of these kinds of plastic waste from the landfill. For an ethical, secure, and sustainable solutions, contact us now for your own customized plastic solution.

With Reclaim Plastics, our business for 35 years found recycling at a low-cost. The added incentive for us is with them, they gave us a certificate for recycling.

-Dennis Hunter, General Manager

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