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Answers to our most asked plastics recycling questions


What types of plastics do you recycle?

We can recycle a wide range of plastics generated by industry, including PP, HDPE, TPO, PS, LDPE, ABS, Nylon, PVB, PC, Ocean Plastics, and more. See our full list of Materials We Recycle.

Our focus is Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) plastic waste.

Can you handle large volumes of plastic waste?

Yes, we have the capacity to handle large volumes of waste. Our recycling facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to process and recycle your organization’s plastic waste efficiently. We also have a large yard space at our Burnaby facility.

Do you offer pickup services?

Yes! We can schedule pick-ups of your plastic waste streams in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, plus other regions of BC. If the amount is smaller than skid level quantities, contact us.

Do you offer product destruction services?

We do offer certified product destruction services. From defective and product recalls, prototypes, obsolete inventory, and product depackaging to any manufactured product, we help you destruct and dispose products in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. After your product has been securely and safely destroyed, we provide you with a certificate of  destruction.

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

A Certificate of Destruction (COD) is a dated proof and documentation that your plastic materials have been destroyed or recycled properly.

What is your policy on confidentiality and data security?

We have strict policies and procedures in place to safeguard our client’s information, confidential data and ensure its proper disposal after use.

How do you ensure environmental sustainability in your recycling process?

Our team is committed to environmental sustainability and we take several measures to minimize the environmental impact of our recycling process. This includes using energy-efficient equipment, reducing water usage, and ensuring that any waste generated during the recycling process is properly disposed of. Additionally, we work with our clients to promote sustainable practices and reduce plastic waste generation.

How does your recycling process differ from other recycling facilities?

Here’s what sets Reclaim Plastics apart:
  • We truly focus on customer service
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment
  • We will procure and invest in specialized equipment for unique needs
  • We love a challenge and specialize in hard-to-recycle products such as automotive parts containing hybrid metals and mixed black plastics
  • We have yard space to be able to stage and stickhandle your large project
  • We’re centrally located in Metro Vancouver

Do you accept plastic waste from individuals or households?

Unfortunately, our recycling facility specializes in post-industrial plastic waste and is not equipped to handle plastic waste from households or individuals. Household plastic waste is handled by your municipality, including the blue bin program and your local city’s eco-centre.

Are your plastic recycling services free? If not, what do you charge?

It entirely depends on the requirements of the project. In most instances, there is a cost to process materials and cover overhead and logistics.

Is there a minimum amount of plastic waste required for recycling?

Though we do not have a minimum requirement, we work best with skid or pallet quantities of waste materials generated by businesses and industry. Contact us with your specific needs.

Do you offer reports for your service?

Yes, we do. We offer comprehensive reporting services to support your organization’s ESG targets.

What happens to the recycled plastic material?

Once sorted and decontaminated, our recycled plastic output is typically blended and turned into pellets and used by manufacturers to produce new plastic products. This creates a closed loop system where plastic waste is recycled and reused, reducing the need for new plastic production.

What kind of equipment do you have?

We have shredders, granulators, and separation equipment. If you have a significant ongoing volume and require a specific type of processing, we will consider buying specialized machinery to support your project.

Do you offer plastic regrinding / shredding services?

Yes, we provide both regrind and shredding services for your plastic cut-offs or rejects, so that they can be reintroduced into a manufacturing process or densified for shipping.

Can you recycle plastic trays and containers?

Yes, we love recycling trays, and have processed all sorts of different baskets, trays, buckets, and crates. Everything from bread holders to milk crates to airport security trays to plastic pallets (and even egg trays!), we can definitely recycle this material for you.

Is there anything you can’t recycle?

We specialize in plastic waste generated by industry (i.e. post-industrial plastic waste). We don’t accept household plastic waste. If you are an individual with small quantities of plastics you want to recycle, your local municipality may offer an appropriate solution for individuals and households.
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