Case Study: Craftsman Collision

The Problem: 

As the largest chain of auto body shops located in Western Canada, Craftsman Collision found itself with a considerable amount of automotive scrap plastics. This plastic material is generated after a collision when parts – such as a bumper – get replaced.  The company reached out to us explaining its desire to “do the right thing” and keep this material out of the landfill with a strong commitment to sustainability by its leadership.

The Solution: 

Craftsman Collision reached out to us for our expertise and experience in recycling bumpers and other automotive scrap parts and asked us to develop a solution for them.

Car collision

The Outcome: 

Reclaim Plastics developed a custom regional program for Craftsman Collision, whereby it set up regular pick-ups from 27 locations in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island.

We process the materials in Burnaby and separate the vast majority of the automotive plastics first before beginning the recycling process. 

Automotive parts contain embedded metals, which must be removed prior to processing. As a result of the Craftsman Collision’s success in eliminating plastic auto parts from the landfill, the company is now working on expanding its program to other regions and piloting a program to recycle additional plastic waste streams in its operations.

Craftsman Collision has proudly diverted over 240,000 lbs of plastic auto parts from entering the landfill and demonstrated leadership in their industry.  These plastic parts would fill the equivalent of 14 NHL sized rinks.

At Reclaim Plastics, we take pride in solving plastic recycling problems. Our plastic recycling services are growing to include more complex materials like automotive parts and hard-to-recycle plastics. Contact us and learn how we can help you meet your environmental sustainability goals.

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