Case Study: OEM Automobile Manufacturer

car manufacturing line

The Problem: 

A large and well known vehicle manufacturer is dedicated to fighting climate change and reaching its carbon-neutral goal by 2040. However, through returns generated from the parts department of their dealer network, they were receiving auto parts which contained plastics that they wanted to be destroyed AND recycled. The company wanted to recycle as much plastic as possible.

The Solution: 

An environmental consultant forwarded us to this confidential vehicle manufacturer.

The Outcome: 

The company had two objectives:

  1. The automotive parts needed to be destroyed so they would not inadvertently be used.
  2. They wanted to maximize the amount of plastic that could be recycled.  

To achieve the first objective, Reclaim puts these parts into our SSI three-shaft shredder. Metals are then separated using specialized Bunting equipment to remove both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Polypropylene, TPO, ABS, and polycarbonate are separated, granulated, and then reintroduced into the market as re-grind, and then incorporated into new manufactured processes. Indeed, some of this plastic eventually makes its way into the production of new automotive parts.  

Our client met its objectives for product destruction and took action toward their ESG targets, by making the plastics circular.

At Reclaim Plastics, we take pride in solving plastic recycling problems. Our plastic recycling services are growing to include more complex materials like automotive parts and hard-to-recycle plasticsContact us and learn how we can help you meet your environmental sustainability goals.

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