Case Study: The Pervasive Problem of Ghost Gear

Ghost gear, abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing nets, poses a significant threat to marine life and ecosystems. According to a study by the Government of Canada, over 640,000 tons of ghost gear enter our oceans annually, ensnaring and killing countless marine animals. Recognizing the urgency of addressing this issue, our client sought our expertise in recycling ghost gear.

Reclaim Plastics: Diverting Fishing Net from the Landfill

At Reclaim Plastics, we are passionate about tackling environmental challenges and turning waste into reusable resources. Our process and equipment makes a significant step in processing fishing nets, transforming this ocean debris into new products.

The Recycling Process: From Fishing Net to Raw Materials

Our recycling process for this client began with the meticulous collection of this material from a location on Vancouver Island. The nets are transported to our centralized facility in Burnaby, BC, where they undergo a manual cleaning process to remove any debris or contaminants. One challenge is the sheer size of the nets. They must be pre-cut prior to processing. These materials are also tested in-house to confirm the plastic polymer and its properties.

Once cleaned, the nets are shredded into smaller pieces, making them easier to transport and process further. The shredded nets are then sorted according to their material composition, ensuring that each type is treated appropriately.

Finally, the sorted and cleaned nets are transported to our partner recycling facilities, where they undergo a specialized process to extract the valuable nylon or resin materials. These regenerated materials can then be used to create new products including nylon fabric and carpeting, closing the loop on this marine waste stream.

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Reclaim Plastics is committed to providing innovative solutions to plastic waste challenges. By recycling fishing net and similar ghost gear, we are not only reducing pollution but also giving new life to this discarded material, demonstrating that waste is not waste at all. Together, we can create a cleaner and more sustainable future for our oceans and the planet.

Our Outcome: Diverting Waste and Creating a Circular Economy

Reclaim Plastics takes recycling and challenges seriously. As new opportunities arise, we always provide a complete and customized solution for recycling materials sent to us. Currently, we have diverted more than 120,000 lbs of fish net away from the landfill. To put this into perspective, a mid-size bulldozer weighs 20,000 pounds. That means that we have successfully diverted the weight of around 6 bulldozers away from the landfill.

With this initiative, we have demonstrated that customized recycling solutions not only help reduce environmental impact but also help create a circular economy. By recycling fishing net, we can mitigate the harm caused to marine life and contribute to a cleaner and healthier ocean environment.

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