Case Study: The Canadian Fishing Company

Canadian Fishing Company building

The Problem: 

The Canadian Fishing Company (Canfishco Group) in Richmond, B.C., is committed to sustainability. They work with recognized international conservation organizations to manage their carbon footprint. Each of the company’s sites is compliant with the highest environmental standards. 

The organization stumbled upon an issue when it had to discard several thousand HDPE trays which reached end-of-useful-life and were originally used to store the fish. Wanting a responsible solution, the company wanted to avoid seeing these trays end up in the landfill.

The Solution: 

After reaching out to Reclaim Plastics, we collected the plastic trays and developed a customized plan to recycle them.

plastic hdpe trays

The Outcome: 

Reclaim Plastics picked up 2,400 trays stored on pallets from the Canadian Fishing Company’s facility to be processed at our plastic recycling facility in Burnaby.

These waste materials were then:

  • Separated by color and granulated using Rotogran equipment to produce an HDPE flake
  • Extruded and blended by our downstream recycling partner
  • Converted and transformed into a new plastic input material used in a manufactured production process locally in Metro Vancouver
  • Successfully diverted from the landfill and supported the client’s sustainability and ESG goals

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