Case Study: City of Abbotsford

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The Problem: 

The City of Abbotsford had an abundance of PVC media filters left over from a wastewater treatment project that it wanted to dispose of in a sustainable way.  A third-party Project Consultant reached out to Reclaim Plastics to find a solution to recycle the PVC filters.  

There were over 500 media filters; each block was 4’x2’x2’ and weighed 35lbs, which made them relatively lightweight individually but rather large and bulky.

The Solution: 

Working with the City of Abbotsford’s Project Consultant, Reclaim Plastics received material samples to analyze the polymer composition further. After confirming the material composition, we used our expertise to develop a plan to handle the logistics and recycle this bulky plastic waste stream.

Logistics were a challenge, and Reclaim worked with the City’s parameters to organize pick-ups on a backhaul basis to minimize the carbon footprint of the process.  We picked up the equivalent of 3 x fifty-three foot trailers worth of material. 

Reclaim shredded the lightweight material using a four shaft shredder and  followed by a granulating stage and further processed by our downstream partner.  With over 18,000 lbs of PVC regrind, this material was converted from a waste stream into a new material input.

The Outcome: 

Reclaim provided a complete solution to the City of Abbotsford to recycle its overstock PVC media filters.  The service included an eco-friendly pick-up on a backhaul basis; the plastic was size-reduced using a four shaft shredder and further densified using our granulator at Reclaim’s Burnaby facility.

The filter re-grind was further processed into a manufactured process which achieved the client’s expectation of upcycling the PVC media filters. The City of Abbotsford successfully diverted over eight tons of material from the landfill.

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