Ocean Plastics and Ropes

Reclaim Plastics is equipped to handle your ocean plastic recycling needs


Reclaim Plastics is equipped to handle your ocean plastic recycling needs

Materials washing up on Canada’s shorelines and ghost gear poses a significant threat to marine life and ecosystems. According to a study by the Government of Canada, [1] over 640,000 tons of ghost gear enter our oceans annually, ensnaring and killing countless marine animals. And this doesn’t factor in the materials washing up on our shores.

At Reclaim Plastics, we are passionate about tackling environmental challenges and turning waste into reusable resources. We have experience recycling a wide range of materials from either shoreline cleanup projects or ghost gear and derelict aquaculture / fish farm clean up projects. Materials we have processed include buoys, floats, fish farm net, ocean rope, plastic fish farm baskets, washed up beverage containers, barrels, styrofoam, and tires.

In 2023, we developed a customized solution related to a Clean Coast Clean Water (CCCW [2] )initiative for shoreline cleanup for materials collected in Haida Gwaii, BC. We are happy to create a solution tailored to your organization’s’ needs, and offer staging, on-site sortation, and consolidation services in addition to materials processing and recycling.

Read more about our experience recycling fish net in our case study [link]


[1] https://canadiangeographic.ca/articles/what-lies-beneath-ghost-gear-in-our-oceans/

[2] https://bccleancoast.ca/

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“We are proud to recycle our scrap bumper plastics rather than add to the landfill. Reclaim has helped us do this.”

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