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Currently offering plastic recycling pickups in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island


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Reclaim Plastics can pick up all of your plastics and metals from anywhere in B.C. for local recycling at our facilities! With our technology, we can recycle many different types of plastic and metals to prevent them from hitting the landfill. These pick-ups can range from a call to schedule a single pick-up to a bi-weekly or even monthly pick-up service! Feel free to give us a call and we’ll be able to put together a pick-up plan that works with your schedule and plastic volume. The more skids the better! We specialize in automotive plastics, so we can take your bumpers, headlights, tires, car seats, and windshields, but if you have other plastics around, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll find a solution for you!

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“We are proud to recycle our scrap bumper plastics rather than add to the landfill. Reclaim has helped us do this.”

Kris Kurman


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Reclaiming our environment by Reclaiming the plastic waste we produce.