Plastic Toll-grinding

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At Reclaim Plastics, we offer toll-grinding of any kind of plastic materials! With experience working with plastics of all types, you can trust us to provide you with a prompt and professional service for any of your toll-grinding needs.

Our process:

  • Simply save any of your excess or garbage plastic scraps
  • Send us the excess plastic
  • We’ll regrind the material for you (1/8″ – 3/8″)
  • You can come pick the material up from us, or we can have the reground plastic shipped back to you, hassle-free

Looking for reground plastic, but don’t have any excess? We have reground plastic that you can buy!

Why toll-grind?

Toll-ground plastic can be easily re-utilized by your manufacturing or production process for a fully closed-loop process, or can be sold into the open market as recycled input, which helps keeps plastic waste out of landfills and allows for manufacturing of new products at lower costs. Additionally, toll-grinding with us is quick, predictable, low-cost, and hassle-free.

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“We are proud to recycle our scrap bumper plastics rather than add to the landfill. Reclaim has helped us do this.”

Kris Kurman


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Reclaiming our environment by Reclaiming the plastic waste we produce.