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We’re always looking to tackle new recycling challenges to divert more waste away from our landfills. Though our specialization is in automotive plastics, our forays into new recycling and sorting technologies mean we’re well equipped to handle any plastic material you may have on hand.

Whether you have defunct appliances, pharmaceutical bottles and caps, car seats, plastic crates, or any other products that contain recyclable plastic, we’ll be able to figure out a personalized quote and recycling plan for your business needs. Whether you need just one pick-up a month or four, we can collect your material from anywhere in B.C. Our plans are all created through consultations with you directly, so don’t hesitate to contact us through phone or email.

Before calling, prepare the following for a more efficient discussion and so we can better preparation on our end:
1. Types of plastic you have on hand to recycle, or specific types of product you are looking to recycle (e.g. car bumpers, car seats, bottles, crates, etc.)
2. Approximate volume of plastic you have to recycle at any given time period (generally in the range of 1-4 weeks)
3. Photos of the materials to be recycled are always helpful!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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“We are proud to recycle our scrap bumper plastics rather than add to the landfill. Reclaim has helped us do this.”

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