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We here at Reclaim Plastics are trying to spread the word about the ban issued by Metro Vancouver, forbidding automotive plastics from entering our landfills.

Car bumpers are the largest single source of plastic in most modern cars, which often contain upwards of 400 lbs of plastic in total. This figure is expected only to increase as many car manufacturers are looking to include more plastic in their manufacturing processes for its lightweight and resistant properties. Accordingly, we are focusing on recycling any bumpers and assorted car plastics to prevent them from reaching our landfills.

As a recycling company, we are proud to see Metro Vancouver take action to slow the accumulation of recyclable material in our landfills and are fully committed to providing our recycling services to companies who are looking for recycling options as a result of this policy change.

How you can help

The best step for your business is to stop putting automotive plastics into the trash disposal system right away. As 84,000,000 lbs of automotive plastics are generated each year in B.C. alone, this will help stop a large stream of plastics items from entering our landfills.

Next, just contact us! We can help you out and pick-up all of your plastic automotive parts from your shop or business. We can also collect any metals, tires, or windshields that you have lying around. Our goal is to divert as much of this waste from entering the lower mainland landfills as possible, so if you have material you want to recycle, give us a call!

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“We are proud to recycle our scrap bumper plastics rather than add to the landfill. Reclaim has helped us do this.”

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