Our Services

Here at Reclaim Plastics we have a number of services that we offer to our customers. Our main goal being to recycle as many different types of plastics that we can, and redirect the streams of plastics from hitting the landfills. We pick up any type of plastic from people who need to find a place to recycle their plastics. We are well versed in the automotive plastics especially bumper covers. Bumper recycling is something that we are really trying to push forward and encourage through local body shops in the lower mainland.

Scheduled Pick-Ups

Reclaim Plastics can pick up your plastic and metals and recycle them locally! Here at Reclaim Plastics we have a way to process and recycle any type of plastic and metal to prevent them from hitting the landfill! We have different levels of services depending on your needs. These range from a call to schedule a pick up to a bi-weekly pick up service! We can also take your tires and windshields for recycling as well! Contact us if you need a pick up for any of these items!


Bumper Recycling


We here at Reclaim Plastics are trying to spread the word about the ban issued by Metro Vancouver of automotive plastics entering the landfill. Bumpers being the largest plastic components in cars makes them the best target to save from the landfill. That is why we will collect any car bumpers from people who are looking to recycle these instead of throwing them in the landfill. As a recycling company we our proud to see Metro Vancouver taking action on plastics going to the landfill and want to provide services for companies who are looking for recycling options as a result of this.

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Toll Grinding

Here at Reclaim Plastics we have been searching for a way that we can recycle all different types of plastics in a convenient and efficient process. Through both research and innovation we have found a good way to grind up any type of plastics in to small pellets. These pellets can then be processed further and re-used in many different types of products!

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