Bumper Recycling

Metro Vancouver’s Ban

We here at Reclaim Plastics are trying to spread the word about the ban issued by Metro Vancouver of automotive plastics entering the landfill. Bumpers being the largest plastic components in cars makes them the best target to save from the landfill. That is why we will collect any car bumpers from people who are looking to recycle these instead of throwing them in the landfill. As a recycling company we our proud to see Metro Vancouver taking action on plastics going to the landfill and want to provide services for companies who are looking for recycling options as a result of this.

How You Can Help

The first step your business can do is to stop putting automotive plastics in the landfill right away. This will prevent a large stream of plastic items from entering the landfill which will greatly benefit our environment. The next step is to contact us! We can help you out and take all your plastic automotive parts from your shop or business. We can also collect any metals, tires, and windshields that you might have laying around as well that you don’t want to enter the landfill. Our goal is to divert as much of this waste from the landfill in the lower mainland that we possibly can, so if you have waste that you believe we can recycle give us a call!